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Engaging Learning Environments


New Creations & New Creations Too

Babies ages 2-18 months will enjoy a warm, loving, and engaging atmosphere where they will learn through play. With our engaging s curriculum, our caregivers will strengthen relationships by engaging in meaningful play while allowing babies the opportunity to develop important fine and gross motor skills.

Busy Bees

Toddlers ages 18-24 months will engage in practical lessons that will engage children and develop meaningful relationships. Our tiny tots will begin more structured activities to get them ready for the next level.


Little Lambs & Eagles

Our 2 to 4-year-old students will build on the skills they have already acquired. Each room will focus on meeting the students where they are in preparation for Kindergarten and beyond.

The Omega Crew

Our school-age students will receive homework help and enrichment activities including social skills to enhance their school experience.

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